Content is king so they say and in our experience we would have to agree.

While it is hugely important to create, build and launch digital channels, the most often overlooked aspect is the day-to-day running of them and what is to be communicated and how.

Years ago it was pretty simple. Just put some words on the website. In fact, you don't have to write them, just copy and paste them from an existing brochure, report or piece of printed material.

Now the role of well thought-out and produced content is becoming an important factor in keeping your digital communications vibrant and for users often the hook that keeps them coming back – again and again.

Choices now mean that companies can decide whether that content should be delivered through the written word, imagery, audio or perhaps video. What is best, where and when?

Then there's the opportunity to make best use of such content, by distributing it not just via the company website but through other channels such as social networks, avoiding the need for duplicated work.

A content strategy helps identify content for your key audience groups and where, how and when they need it most.