Someone, somewhere is talking about your company.

Years ago it was across the garden fence, on the street corner or in the pub.

Today, the garden fence connects one side of the world to another and that chatter in a London pub can be heard in Sydney.

Social media has exploded into our world and to connect with many of your stakeholders you need to be where they choose to be.

Social media is redefining the way organisations connect with their audiences, offering a great opportunity to influence both attitudes and behaviour. We help companies understand social media and work with them to determine how they should approach it.

We carry out research first of all to help understand a company's social footprint, then work jointly to create a strategy to meet a company's particular needs.

We can also help to set up accounts and monitor them on a regular basis.

In short, we help to establish a business social media toolkit built around these key themes:

  • Plan
  • Listen
  • Evaluate
  • Engage