The internet is a large space and it is vitally important for companies to own and protect their brand, identity and products in it.

Cybersquatting is commonplace and the plain fact is that many companies share aspects of their identities with others.

Just think of Polo? When you hear that name what do you think of first? Ralph Lauren, Volkswagen or Nestle's mint with a hole? That's before you even start thinking about the sport, let alone the famous Venetian explorer.

We can help ensure companies' domain name management strategy helps them secure and safeguard the channels they wish to sell or communicate on.

We can also help extend this thinking to make sure companies also protect themselves in the rapidly-growing world of social media.

And once established we can help companies maintain consistency in all their digital channels by creating portals to hold all the relevant information a brand needs. From guidelines to logos and web templates to image and film libraries.