Power in the palm of your hand. The revolution in handheld technologies is changing the way people connect with companies.

Smartphone technology is everywhere around us, whether via handset or tablet.

There are now over five billion mobiles in the world, far outstripping the number of desktop computers and even televisions.

Within that number smartphone take-up has been fuelled by companies enabling individuals everywhere to surf the web.

In the UK alone, every month over 20 million people are using the mobile internet.

We can help you make sense of this new communication opportunity as your stakeholders increasingly want to stay connected whilst on the move.

Optimising websites for mobile devices is a key beginning but we can help you determine whether adding a mobile 'cut-down' version of your website might be what's really needed. Plus would an app also be a valuable addition to your mobile offering?

Taking your website mobile isn't always simple and easy. You are faced with a number of choices – and we can help examine a number of key questions.

  • What content do you want to offer?
  • How far should your mobile site replicate your main website?
  • What phones should you develop it for?
  • Do you really need to develop an app strategy or is a mobile website enough?