Ever since the arrival of the internet, a lot of time has been spent waiting for the technology to deliver the capability to run ?TV on your desktop.

YouTube hurried it along and today we know that we can access that TV functionality not only from the desktop but also via a laptop and from the mobile in our hands.

The opportunity the web provides to carry film and audio has allowed companies to radically change the way they communicate.

Instead of 500 words would it be better to deliver company messages via a 30 or 45-second piece of film? Well, like most things the answer is ?definitely maybe.'

The audience is definitely out there. Latest figures show that 48 hours' worth of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and users watch more than three billion videos every single day.

Cisco forecasts that 90 percent of consumer web traffic will be video in 2013. It also predicts that mobile data traffic will be overtaken by video, reaching 64 percent of total mobile traffic in the same year.

Many companies now use film as a key part of their communication mix.

We can help decide how to use video on all digital channels, whether through individual pieces of film or by establishing web TV platforms.